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Our last day, bitter sweet.

Saturday, July 21st

Mom, Marina and I walked to 9:30am mass, St Nicholas Church, near our hotel. Many mosaics, beautiful statue of Mary.
Moms poor feet were bothering her and Marina was anxious to come back to KC, so they both stayed at hotel for a few hours before we headed to airport.
Natalie and I headed to Recoleta area, ate outside at La Biela. Visited the cemetery one last time, gazed at all the food and craft booths set up for the weekend fair. Revisited church to view skulls in one of the side alters. The main alter is made of all silver. All amazing.
Ate ice cream from Freddo, definitely not as good as Perssico.
The rest of the story is a long travel day, w flight delays... All is well now home in KC.

Now where next.....Spain for my 45th.. France with Mike and Sara, so much to look forward to. I love the research and planning!!

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Friday- July 20, 2012

Dia de amigo

Dia de amigo, day of the friend. Spent day in La Boca. Home of the Boca juniors futbal. Stadium and tons of shops to support the team.
Walked to near by Caminito, area with brightly painted houses. Painted by immigrants with paint from near by shipping yards. Invention of tango took place here. Tons of out door eateries, Goucho dancers, music, etc... Of course more shopping, leather, art, homemade crafts.
In the evening went to La Pena de Colorado for a grill of meat, literally a small grill of cooked meats brought to the table. Including blood sausage, chicken, steak and some surprise meat we didn't touch. Live music and filled with many happy locals.
Great last full day. It was 60 degrees, nice break from KC's 100°.
Also, my brother Mikes B-day and his anniversary with his wife Sara. My mom and I both forgot. Sorry!! My mom and I feel horrible.

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Site seeing in Plza de Mayo area

Our day began with lunch at Las Violet as, opened in 1884. Quaint with stained glass windows, polished wood and the most amazing pastries and candies, that makes Cheesecake factory look insignificant.
Then off to photograph Cafe Tortoni, oldest cafe in BA- 1858. What history...
Made our way to Plaza de mayo to witness a Thursday @ 3:30 ritual. Since 1977, the Madres have demonstrated against military kidnappings, torture and execution of 30,000 people during 1976-83. A ceremony in which they honor their missing children. It was very moving to witness.
Next visited two beautiful churches, Cathedral Metropolitiana and Iglesia Santa Catalina, home if first convent and church founded in 1745.
Then off to eat ice cream at Perssico, recommended by our wine guide, and let's say he was correct best ice cream ever. I had dulce due leche with walnuts and others had chocolate with almonds. Needless to say that was our dinner until we decided we had to try the ponchos- hot dogs in the corner for 2$ or 8 pesos. Many choices for toppings.
Looking forward to our last day of site seeing..

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Day with Mom

Tango anyone?

Mom and I spent day together shopping. It was a beautiful day here, sunny and 60. We stopped in to Havana for a cafe con leche and alfajores ( similar to a cookie sandwich filled with either chocolate cream or dulce de leche ( caramel) dipped in white or dark chocolate. We liked chocolate the best. Also when you order coffee, you always get some kind of a small cookie and small glass of water. Never any ice and you need to specify with gas or without. Found St. Nicholas church and plan to attend mass on Saturday morning,
Tonight we learned how to tango and saw a tango show, great time and a must due in Argentina. Met some great people from Brazil, England and the states.
Only a few days left and we have full days of sight seeing. Better get some shut eye.

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Wine Tasting

Slept in after last night. Needed the rest for the remainder of the week.
Took cab to Palermo Viejo to eat at La Fabrica Del Taco, one of the 3 Mexican restaurants in BA. Repeat delish! Marina was in heaven next to Jesus. We met a gal from Chicago who lives here, she said one of the best, owner us from Mexico. We had guacamole, beans and cheese, tacos etc.
Then a bit of shopping and off to our wine tasting. Anuva Vinos was amazing. Great loft, great host, great wines, great tapas, great company, meeting other Americans and BA locals. Of course bought wine to ship and signed up for wine club, all boutique wineries with small production.
Ended the night with drinking wine in lobby and eating our sweets from Sunday!! Couldn't have been better.

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