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Shopping... shoe damage

Spent the morning planning the rest if the week. We all needed the rest.
We had a small fire, moms curling iron was so hot it burned her hair. An actual poof of smoke! She will be wearing a hat the rest of the trip. Jesus Maria.
Natalie and I did some damage shopping. Boot central. Somehow I stumbled upon a buy one get one, for those that know me well, I did a big happy dance.
Mom entertained some boys at a shoe store, we wanted to bring them home with us.
Dinner was sushi, (Gran Bar Danzon) mom even tried a bit. She ate pork ribs, another repeat of delish! Haven't had a bad meal yet.
Natalie was looking sassy in her new boots and made friends with some local porteno's. We went to an Irish pub, and they ordered margarita. It was horrible why not cervesa at a pub. Oh well it was a great day, many laughs.
Going to wine tasting on Tuesday, can't wait.
Ciao for now.

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Sunday in BA

Street fairs....

Started our day going to San Telmo street fair. So many booths of hand made items, from booties, hats, gloves, etc. Knives, wine items, so many things. They also have a lot of antiques. Live music in several places. People every where, it is a great atmosphere. Visited another beautiful church ( add name later).
We needed to visit the bano, found a quaint restaurant and ended up staying for empenadas and mom saw french fries. They were really good. On a small stage a couple danced tango. What a great little pit stop.
We then headed on our hour bus ride to the next street fair La Feria Matadersos. Buses are very hard to navigate. No stop announcements and streets are not well marked. We met a really nice couple who helped get us to our destination. Wow the place had a ton of food, more hand made items, shoes and boots included.
Street dancers doing something similar to a croation colo. Very lively, the video will be great to really appreciate it all.
Of course we bought some things :-)
Once back and after a bit of a rest we decided to eat within walking distance to hotel. Ate at Cumana, again amazing food. Had beef stew a traditional Criolla. We met a few students from Oklahoma studying here.
We ended the night at hotel talking with mom about Anzek family and reminiscing about dad.

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To slip and die in Argentina


Plan was to ride on/off bus to La Boca. But 2 hours in we were starving and decided plan B. Got off at Recoleta ate La Beila, delish little cafe. Ate Marina's favorite Madeialuna sandwich ham and cheese, with cafe con leche, we were freezing!! Went shopping at Recoleta craft fair, visited a beautiful church. Then went to cemetery, AMAZING !! Saw Evita's grave. Met a girl from KC. so cool!
Checked into new place. Very modern. Ate incredible food tonight, La Querencia. Started with empinadas, then had steak and soup and the most delicious tamale. All of which we shared. Plus 2 bottles of wine 75$ total.
Can't wait for tomorrow and mire exploring.
Forgot to explain the "slip". While at the cemetery, each family has their own monument. Most monuments have steps leading to down stairs, where more members are buried. Natalie was leaning into take and.almost fell through the door!! It was scary moment. Then a funny, thank.goodness.
Natalies eulogy- Natalie came to Argentina for a vacation, and had a mishap and is now buried with the Martinez family....R.I.P.

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Day 2

A good nights rest for all. Mom tried the bidet, an adventure in itself!! She wants one now.
Yummy lunch at now our favorite spot, Central Market. Then off to tour the city on hop on/off bus. Visited China town,, yep they have one here too. This city has so many ornate building and doors. I am love with all unique doors. Stopped at Teatre Colon, famous theater. May go to performance next week.
Went to casino tonight.. no big lock. Cool place, same machines as US, lots of slots.
Back on bus tomorrow, to see La Boca area, to shop and eat. Then off to our new home for remainder of trip.

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We made it!!

Buenos Aries we are here...

Long flight, but we all survived.
Marina met us at hotel and we rode the subway to her host family to pick up her bags and we ate pizza at her favorite place, Kentucky. It was yummy, lots if cheese and whole slices of ham with red peppers.
Later tonight we went and ate the best deserts and had cafe con leche... good thing we did a lot of walking today.
Oh, we found the casino, we will be going there tomorrow. Wish us luck!
Helen is happy :-)

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